Infrastructure Software: Transforming IT for the Cloud

Peter ffoulkes, Research Director for Servers

While 32% of lucky people consider their server infrastructure to be sufficiently virtualized, the remaining two-thirds still have a way to go, which provides some opportunity for vendors in the virtualized datacenter infrastructure management market.

In a virtualized production datacenter environment, configuration management databases and server provisioning and configuration tools are essential. Just shy of 50% of our survey respondents have these technologies ‘in use,’ around 10% have them ‘in pilot’ or ‘in plan,’ and over a quarter have not yet made any solid plans.

Server Provisioning and Configuration Management Roadmap

However, the fact that roughly half of our respondents are using a technology doesn’t mean that the incumbent vendors can sit happily upon their laurels. The transition from traditional IT architecture to a cloud-based digital infrastructure, whether internal external or hybrid, is resulting in a complete reassessment of current and future technologies and suppliers. For vendors it is time to be afraid, very afraid. Or alternatively, to seize the day.

Anecdotal commentary by TheInfoPro’s respondent community illustrates the variety of perspectives on the matter:

  • “Looking now – no formal plans.” – LE, Industrial/Manufacturing
  • “Microsoft System Center.” – LE, Financial Services
  • “Considering BMC and LANDesk here as well.” – MSE, Public Sector
  • “Will start using vCloud Director in combo with ServiceNow.” – LE, Consumer Goods/Retail
  • “Asset Center (HP formerly Peregrine) moving to BMC.” – LE, Financial Services
  • “We’re switching to ServiceNow. A lot of it is cloud initiatives.” – LE, Public Sector

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